Health Oriented Bedding

SimCair and SimCair I-CON Medical Bedding and Cushion Products for Hospitals, Nursings Homes and all patient care facilities. Please contact us for further details on or Call us on 00353 21 4858116.


  • DreamCair with Medi-Core is an innovative Mattress Design. DreamCair is comfort adjustable - Simply open the valve at the side of the mattress and allow the mattress to instantly adapt and conform to your unique shape and preferred comfort level to help provide a deeper, healthier sleep.
  • DreamCair helps eliminates the Soft/Medium/Firm Mattress Dilemma - Typical problem; A couple go out to buy a new Mattress. One partner likes the soft mattress and the other likes a firm mattress. DreamCair with Medi-Core™ is the solution - You adjust your own side of the mattress and your partner can do likewise. You control your conformity. You control your comfort setting.
  • Developed using proven Medical Mattress technology.

Here's our basic "Comfort Equation"

DreamCair with Medi-Core™ is designed to provide Greater Conformity and Support, which provides Pressure Reduction, which reduces Pressure on Tissues, Joints and Musculoskeletal structure, which ensures Better Circulation.

  • True-Memory Shape Retention - DreamCair locks in and remembers your unique shape. Unlike other standard mattresses, DreamCair will not rebound to a square/flat foam shape when you get off the mattress each day. It will remain at your preferred comfort and support setting night, after night, after night.
  • DreamCair with Medi-Core™ is a Hygiene Assured Mattress with its Washable covers and core - Not only can the top cover be removed for machine washing, you can also wipe down the Medi-Core™ to again reduce the presence of those typical mattress nasties such as;
    • Dust Mites
    • Dust Mite Droppings (Asthma and Allergy irritants).
    • Dead Skin Cells etc